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CHEST SEEK AppThe CHEST App™ is the new home for the CHEST SEEK™ Library, an ideal resource to prepare for board examinations, to stay on top of the latest clinical information, and to access content on both mobile app and computer.

Download the CHEST App:

For Android devices
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To have access to the latest clinical content, subscribe to the CHEST SEEK Library for a 1-year subscription. 

The library includes content from the following SEEK editions:

  • CHEST SEEK Pulmonary Medicine: 27th Edition
  • CHEST SEEK Critical Care Medicine: 26th Edition
  • CHEST SEEK Pulmonary Medicine: 25th Edition
  • CHEST SEEK Critical Care Medicine: 24th Edition
  • CHEST SEEK Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine: 1st Edition 
  • ACCP-SEEK Volume XXIII: Pulmonary Medicine
  • ACCP-SEEK Volume XXII: Critical Care Medicine
  • CHEST SEEK Sleep Medicine: 4th Edition
  • ACCP-SEEK Sleep Medicine: Second Edition
  • ACCP-SEEK Sleep Medicine: Third Edition

To access SEEK content on your computer, log in with your email associated with your CHEST ID account and password at

If you have questions regarding the CHEST App and the CHEST SEEK Library, contact our Help Team at or  +1 (800) 343-2227.